REBELLiON will become a full weekender! 🥵

Last year, we took the next step in our uprising and grew our jungle tribe with several thousand people. Everything seemed fine, but we were wrong… 😰

Darkness slowly crept over us. As we searched for answers to this mystery, we discovered ancient ruins that spoke about an apocalyptic event happening only once every few hundred years. First, it brings nothing but darkness, followed by total chaos and ultimately causes a full weekend of mass destruction.  ☄️

🌑 THE ECLIPSE | 25 & 26 November

The ruins speak of not one but two days: November 25 & 26, 2023. During this NEW 2-day weekend, we will witness the prophecy known as ‘THE ECLIPSE’.

One thing is clear, only the strongest and toughest Rebels will stand their ground and challenge all that is to come during this weekend.

→ Pre-registration starts on the 6th of June

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Are you brave enough to join two days of REBELLiON? ✊