Interview with Aversion about REBELLiON!

We’ve asked Aversion about his life after the RAW hit of the year: A-A-ACTIVATION and what we can expect from his set at REBELLiON 2023!

Hey there, hope you’re doing well! Looking back on a summer full of massive gigs, epic releases and so on.. How are you doing?

Hey! Feeling better than ever! Being able to live out my childhood dream of being a full time artist still feels so unreal and I can confidently say that this year has been the best year of my life so far! 😀

The definition of Aversion’ is a strong dislike for something or a person that stirs up feelings of dislike. How did you come up with your name?

This is actually such a dumb backstory haha! I literally googled ”coolest english words” and that’s how i came across Aversion (keep in mind that I was a 16 year old idiot at the time lmao x)

‘Activation’ was obviously a massive success. What is the best thing that came out of it in your opinion?

Definitely the doors it has opened for me as an artist! I’ve always been working myself up the ladder so far, but things really exploded after ”Activation”. For example; the artists I get to work with nowadays are childhood heroes, which still feels so surreal! 😀

Who would you honour with the privilege of remixing ‘Activation’?

I haven’t given it much thought tbh! I don’t really have a specific artist in mind but I would love to see different interpretations of the track.

Although ‘Activation’ has been a turning point in your career, you’ve consistently released bangers of tracks. Which track are you most proud of?

Appreciate that! I think my personal favourite right now is my brand new track ”Bad Blood”. It has so much emotional weight and drive behind it!

In a few weeks it’s time for REBELLiON. How do you usually prepare for a set? And what can we expect?

Luckily I know from experience that the REBELLiON crowd likes it HARD, so that is what I will give to them. 60 mins of pure VIOLENCE!

If you would do a ‘masked liveact’ with another artist like i.e. Gunz for Hire, who would you want it to be with? 

I think a live act together with Vertile or Luminite could be really dope!

What would be the theme of the act?

The sexiest music alive ;P

To close this one off, let’s Activate a speed round: 

– Who’s your personal hero in Hardstyle?



– With whom would you like to do a b2b? 



– What music do you like most outside of Hardstyle?

Whatever Skrillex cooks up x


– Gated kicks, Laser kicks or Reverse bass?

Gated & Reverse Bass all day!


– Sushi or fastfood?



– A-A-?

Anal sex


– And last but not least, how hyped are you for REBELLiON?!


Thanks for taking the time!

See you on november 25th!