Interview: A quick chat with the Rooler of RAW

You have been a busy man lately. How do you avoid having an overflowing schedule?
‘Well, I love what I do, so for now all comes natural and smooth. Sometimes I’m tired, I admit! But in general, even when I have a very busy schedule, I’m always really organized, so it’s not that difficult.’

We all know you don’t take yourself too seriously, so what is your worst fail on-stage?
‘To be honest I never really fail on stage, or let’s just say I don’t consider “fails” some normal mistakes. If I really have to give you an example, last year at King’s Day, I pressed the cue button in front of like 8000 people.. But I fixed that in less than 3 seconds, literally… I’m a human, it’s alright.‘

You’re active in a scene where change is inevitable, how do you try to keep up with those changes?
‘I don’t keep up with the changes, I create them. I don’t really follow any trend, I create my own.’

Your alias wasn’t always Rooler, what made you change your name?
‘I had like 5 different names back then, most of them duos. I became Rooler by necessity, to be independent, because I don’t really fit in a duo.’

How do you describe your sound?
‘Diverse and aggressive.’

Do you have any collabs coming up? Or aspire to do a collab with a certain artist?
‘I’ve got collabs coming up with Caine, Dr. Phunk, Warface and Delete. And yeah, I guess at some point I’d like to do a collab with Angerfist.’

What would you say is a strength for an upcoming artist?
‘Keeping it real, doing it for the passion and bringing something new and fresh to the big table of hard music.’

Best pick-up lines for artists?
‘Hey x wanna get equalized by me x?’

What kind of madness can we expect from you at REBELLiON?
‘I will play a live set, so I guess you’re already aware that it will be fire! Thanks for the interview, see you soon at REBELLiON!!! GANG 🤟🏼

REBELLiON 2018 is absolutely on fire! The tickets are already 74% sold out, so you better act fast if you don’t want to miss this:

Act of Rage vs Killshot • Bass Chaserz • Clockartz • Delete • D-Sturb • E-Force vs Regain • Frequencerz vs Rejecta • Malice ‘The Extreme’ LIVE • MYST • Rebelion • Rooler LIVE • RVAGE • Hosted by MC Da Syndrome

– Saturday November 24
– Haaren
– 14:00 – 01:00