Interview: Adjuzt at REBELLiON 2023!

From rising star in our REBORN RAW area to a well-deserved spot on our REBELLiON Saturday Mainstage: the past year has been incredible for Adjuzt! We asked him some questions about his year so far, his bucket list for collabs and on-stage habits!

Hey there! How is it going?

I’m doing amazing, thanks for asking!

Your career blew up in just a few months, how did this summer work out for you?

After the blow-up from last year, all I wanted to do this year was keep pushing myself to reach a higher level. And this summer felt like a cherry on top of the cake. I’ve played everywhere I always dreamt of and even more!

What is the hardest aspect to get used to after experiencing such a massive growth in your career?

Seeing your friends less and less because every day you’re working to make sure you get the best out of your act. Luckily, I have friends around me who know what this all means to me and give me the complete freedom to keep being focused on Adjuzt. Much love to them <3

Looks like it’s a good fit between you and the other Savage Squad members, you support each other continuously. Who is the most savage from your squad?

Honestly, I can’t choose, all of them are incredibly savage. But I think the label bosses Jordy and The Purge are the most savage. New addition Sanctuary comes close though!

Why is that?


After a ton of collabs last year with i.e. Hard Driver, Warface and Luminite, which artists are ranked highest on your bucket list regarding collabs?

There are many artists which I feel would be high on my bucket list, people like Headhunterz, Vertile, but also Noisia, H! Dude, or even Hans Zimmer. The list is endless and incredibly random haha!

We had NXTGEN at REBiRTH Festival, of course you’ve got your own event, Dreamscape, together with The Purge. What’s next for Adjuzt?

You’d have to wait and see! All I can say is that I’m beyond happy with what my schedule looks like and with what kind of ideas we already have planned for next year. Stay tuned!

Can you share a secret or two that you had last summer? (:

I almost missed my flight to Australia in May, because I thought my flight was one day later! Oops

Do you have any specific habits before going on stage?

I always ask the stage manager if I can have one bottle of water and one bottle of coca cola/Pepsi, and I do some breathing and stretching exercises. Not particularly interesting, but for me these things are pretty important.

We’re really looking forward to welcoming you once again at REBELLiON within a few weeks! Last year the area had to be closed during your b2b with Element. How did that feel?

Of course that felt surreal. Me and Martijn (Element) prepared for this set with the intention to blow people away, but I think I can say for the both of us we didn’t expect it to be so full that it had to be closed off. When I heard on stage that it was closed off I danced and partied even harder than I already did.

If you could pick one act, with whom would you like to play a b2b next year at REBELLiON?

Put me b2b with someone from the Savage Squad label! We’ll show what we are made of!

Thank you for taking the time, hopefully, you’re as hyped as we are!!! See you on November 25th! 

I am definitely hyped! See you November 25th! <3