Final Info – REBELLiON 2023



REBELLiON takes place at the festival site at the Kreitweg in Haaren, located between Tilburg and Den Bosch. From the Rijksweg (N65), signs will guide you to the festival site.

REBELLiON takes place in various (heated) tents. All areas, including the entrance, lockers, chill-out and food facilities are located in these tents. Check out the floorplan in our official app by Appic. We recommend you bring a sweater/coat for when you go home.


  • Saturday, November 25, 2023: 11.30 – 00.00. 
  • Sunday, November 26, 2023: 13.00 – 23.00.

Make sure you arrive on time, the doors close at 21.00.

Minimum age

The minimum age of REBELLiON 2023 is 18+, no exceptions are possible. Legitimation in the form of a valid ID card, passport or driving licence is required.

Tickets and personalisation

Tickets, after successful personalisation, will be sent out from Thursday 23 November 23:59. Haven’t personalised your tickets yet? Then don’t forget to do so. Without personalisation, you will not receive an entry ticket for REBELLiON in your mailbox and you will not be able to attend the event. You can personalise your tickets until 21:00 on Sunday 26 November.

Can’t find your ticket confirmation email, or your tickets (after Thursday, November 23)? Then use this tool from Paylogic. Please note, only the main booker can retrieve their tickets here.

Do you still have questions about your ticket(s)? Then contact our ticketing partner Paylogic, they can help you out. You can do so via this website.

I am still looking for a ticket!

The very last tickets for REBELLiON 2023 are now on sale in our ticketshop. Are you still looking for tickets? Then buy them only on TicketSwap, this is the only safe way.

Sell tickets

Are you unfortunately unable to attend REBELLiON? Then sell your ticket on TicketSwap, this is the only safe way to sell your tickets and make someone else happy! The explanation can be found in our FAQ.

Weekend tickets

If you have a Weekend ticket, make sure you bring your ticket with you every day as it will be scanned every day.

Eco Token

During REBELLiON, we work with an Eco Token system. This means you will receive an Eco Token when you enter and hand it in with your first drink in exchange for a cup or bottle. When you order a new drink after this, you hand in this cup or bottle again, when you no longer have it, you pay 0.5 tokens.


Start puzzling! Check here when your favourite artists have to perform! Create your own timetable in our official festival app by Appic, you can do so here.

Payment methods and Coins

Food and drinks will have to be paid with coins available at the cash registers, which can be paid with PIN or CASH.


Lockers are available to store your coat and personal belongings. The lockers are accessible during the event and are located in the main tent. Book your locker here. Please note, that on-site lockers can only be ordered via a QR code.

Official REBELLiON Merchandise

Check out the new REBELLiON merchandise collection at the official outlet on the festival site.

Smoking / Cigarettes

Smoking is forbidden in all tents, this will be strictly monitored by our security. The use of e-cigarettes/vapes is also not allowed in tents. There are no cigarettes for sale on the festival site. You are not allowed to bring refills for e-cigarettes to the festival.

First Aid

Not feeling well? Then go to first aid, they can help you. If you think someone has taken too many drugs/alcohol, please consult someone from security or first aid.

REBELLiON = Zero Tolerance

REBiRTH Events conforms to the government’s zero-tolerance policy. ‘Zero tolerance’ means that no soft and/or hard drugs of any kind are allowed. Any drugs found will be confiscated and, if offences are found, arrest and exclusion from the festival for one or more years will follow.


Earplugs are available at the merchandise stand at the festival. Remember to give your ears a rest from time to time too and don’t stand in the loudness for too long. For more information, visit https://ilovemyears.nl/.



Are you coming to REBELLiON by car? Then enter the following address in your navigation: Helvoirtseweg 29, 5076 PK Haaren. From this point, follow the traffic signs with ‘P VISITORS’ on them, park only in the designated spaces and always follow the instructions of the traffic controllers.

A parking ticket for one day costs €13 (incl. fee) and a weekend parking ticket costs €25.50 (incl. fee). Parking tickets are always cheaper in our online ticket shop than on-site! Buy your parking tickets HERE. On-site, parking tickets can only be paid by PIN.

From the car park, follow the signs to the shuttle bus, which will take you to the REBELLiON festival terrain. After the event, the same shuttle bus will take you back to the car park. This ride takes about 2 minutes. The shuttle bus runs, all day, continuously to and from the car park. The shuttle bus from the car park is free, no ticket is required.

In the context of the environment, we would like to ask you to carpool or travel by public transport as much as possible.

Shuttle buses / Public transport

REBELLiON can best be reached with our shuttle bus service between NS Station ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the festival site. This is because the event site itself is not easily accessible by Public Transport. At ‘s-Hertogenbosch Station, the buses depart from the backside of the station: Parallelweg.

The shuttle buses will run on Saturday in a continuous schedule between 11:15 – 16:00 and 22:00 – 01:00.

On Sunday, the shuttle buses run on a continuous schedule between 12:30 – 16:00 and 21:30 – 23:45.

A one-day shuttle bus ticket costs €12.50 (incl. fee) and a weekend shuttle bus ticket costs €24.50 (incl. fee). Shuttle bus tickets are always cheaper in our online ticket shop than on-site! Buy your shuttle bus tickets HERE. On-site, shuttle bus tickets can only be bought via a QR code.

Please note: we try to maintain the times that will be communicated later, however, we are highly dependent on other traffic, among other things. When a bus is full, it will leave immediately. So don’t gamble on the last bus when you need to catch your connection.

Shuttle buses Accommodations

Have you booked a shuttle bus at one of our recommended accommodations (Bastion Tilburg / Van der Valk Tilburg / Residénce De Leuvert)? Then you will receive a separate e-mail with more information about these shuttle buses. Shuttle bus tickets for accommodations are NOT available on-site.

Shuttle buses Breda

If you have booked this shuttle bus, you will receive a separate e-mail with more information about it. Shuttle bus tickets from Breda are NOT available on-site. If you’re looking for transport from Breda (or that region), check out our Travel Partners.

Travel Partners

Travel stress-free to REBELLiON with one of our Travel Partners, check them all out on our website.


Are you coming to REBELLiON 2023 with your own organised bus trip or coach? If so, please inform us using this form by Thursday 23 November at the latest. Complete the form in full. You will then receive more information and a passage ticket/parking ticket for the driver before REBELLiON.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is compulsory and free of charge, non-registered coaches pay €35 on-site.

Taxi / Kiss & Ride

Close to REBELLiON, a Kiss & Ride has been set up for you to be dropped off. Set in your navigation to Kerkhovensestraat 100, 5061 PJ Oisterwijk – from this point, follow the signs with ‘Taxi / Kiss & Ride’. The Kiss & Ride is a 5-minute walk from the festival.


Especially for cyclists, bicycle parking is available at REBELLiON 2023. Set your navigation to Kreitweg 1, 5076 NN Haaren and park only in the indicated bicycle parking spaces. There is no charging point for electric bikes available.

Riding together with other visitors is much more fun!

Help reduce CO2 emissions around events during REBELLiON! 💚 Share your empty car seat(s) with other visitors now via this website. Driving together is much cosier, and better for your wallet and, of course, the environment.

At every event, thousands of visitors take the car to the event. Many of the seats in these cars are empty, which could be better. Better for the climate, better for your wallet and much cosier. Because how nice is it to meet other visitors in your neighbourhood on the way to REBELLiON? Click HERE.


Many answers to the most frequently asked questions can also be found in our FAQ. Do you have other questions and/or comments about REBELLiON? Then send a message via Facebook Messenger or an e-mail to info@jointherebellion.nl.