Interview with our former anthem creator: E-Force!

We asked our former (and very first) REBELLiON anthem creator: E-Force some questions about his new album: Dark Reality! Read the full interview and find out what E-Force has in store for you during the Sunday of THE ECLIPSE! 🌘🧐

Hey Edward, how are you doing? Congratulations on your new album, what a masterpiece! What do you think about the response to Dark Reality so far? 

Thanks a lot! Well for real, I didn’t know what to expect in the first place. But the reactions are overwhelming. My inbox was exploding with positive reactions when I introduced my new music. When I did the Dark Reality Showcase at some festivals it was even better, such an amazing reaction from the crowd. Like they needed it.  We are hitting 2,5 million streams already on Spotify and we’ve just started. So you couldn’t make me happier. I want to thank everyone for the great response so far.

What was your inspiration during the process of creating Dark Reality? / Is there a certain storyline that’s present in Dark Reality? 

Well, since June of last year, I started to work with Team Next Level. It’s my new management. 

Because for a short amount of time in my career, I couldn’t find my best inspiration. So we decided to team up. I told them that I miss the older sound in hardstyle! For me, that means, dark sounds combined with dirty screeches and low-frequency kicks! So we started to brainstorm. Shortly after they came up with a script that perfectly fits in my vision. The dark typical E-Force sound & screeches combined with a fresh touch. From that moment the inspiration for Dark Reality was born. We had a plan. I directly started to work on this project. I had so much fun in the studio and enjoyed every moment in the studio! Shortly after they showed me the artwork, it was mind-blowing. We chose these mysterious fictional symbols that fit the type of music. Every track has its symbol. So yeah before we knew we had everything complete and Dark Reality was a fact! Team work!

 Which track do you like the most from the album?

Hard to say, but I think Pistols, Bassride, Kicks Like This, The Fall Out and of course Shadows. This was the first track I made for this concept.

Before deciding on being a DJ as your career choice, what did you want to be when you were a kid?

Well, I dreamed of being a pro soccer player. I guess I was not good enough, haha. 

But being a DJ is also a big dream that came true!

If you started your career all over and another DJ had already claimed the name E-Force, what would be your second choice?

Well, my other option was The Ultimate Weapon. I claimed it but never used it.

As REBELLiON’s first anthem maker, what do you think about the new REBELLiON anthem? 

I think it’s a great follow-up! Fits perfectly to this event and concept! Great work guys!

How did it feel last year to finally play the anthem in front of more than 10,000 Rebels?

Well, I needed to wait so long because of COVID, but when I could finally drop it at Rebellion, my work felt complete, especially with this amazing light show and fireworks. Still, goosebumps when I think about it. I’m really thankful for this opportunity and moment. A highlight for sure.

What can we expect during your set at REBELLiON this year?

Well, I just can’t wait to drop my new album of course.! Sow hope to see you there guys, don’t miss out.

Thank you for your time! We can’t wait for your showcase at REBELLiON!