Interview: E-Force at REBELLiON 2022

The main man of our REBELLiON, E-Force! A year after your REBELLiON anthem release, it’s finally time to unleash the madness upon REBELLiON. How are you feeling? We’ve got some burning questions we would like to have answered!

Your track ‘Join The Rebellion’ is the first anthem of REBELLiON ever made. How does it feel being the one responsible for it?
Well I started with full enthusiasm on the project and worked alongside with the creative team towards this anthem and I am very happy with the end result. The only problem was the pandemic that made it impossible to play the anthem at the Rebellion event last year. I am happy I can finally play it in front of the Rebellion crowd!

You’ve had a few sets at REBELLiON before! How were your past experiences at REBELLiON or REBiRTH Festival?
Pure raw hardstyle event for the die-hards and it’s great to see it’s growing each year! Happy to be part of this and proud to be the first anthem maker!

You’ve integrated the theme ‘One With The Tribe’ perfectly in the anthem. Where did you get your inspiration from?
In my eyes an anthem needs to have a victory feeling so I tried to approach that as much as I can. Next to that I felt inspired by the concept by the creative team and the awesome vocals from Disarray. For this year, I did make a new edit. Just to keep it fresh!

A while ago you’ve claimed to go back to your earlier style regarding your tracks. What does the future of music hold in store for E-Force?
Making and playing music is my favorite thing to do, but I watched myself struggling a bit with the latest developments in hardstyle. Sometimes I miss the old days, but innovation keeps our scene alive. So why not combine both? I just had to share it with my following and I was surprised by all the positive reactions which gave me the feeling I am on the right track. Now it’s up to me to deliver in the studio, but don’t you worry about that!

If you’re going back to an earlier style, you must have some preference regarding your own music. What is your favorite track in your own discography?
My current favorite tracks from the past are: Freakz at Night, Seven and Attention

As REBELLiON’s anthem pioneer, you’re an expert on the vibe of REBELLiON. To whom would you pass on the torch to make next year’s anthem?
Doing it for the second time is not possible I guess? 😉 Well keep an eye on the Deluzion guys, they do great work and we might release a collab before you can ask them to produce the 2nd Rebellion anthem!

We couldn’t have asked for more with ‘Join The Rebellion’, it’s everything we’ve dreamed of! We can’t wait to hear it being played live at REBELLiON, are you just as hyped as we are? Thank you for answering, see you November 19th!