Interview: Deadly Guns vs Dimitri K LIVE at REBELLiON 2022

Well well, if it isn’t the hardest act REBELLiON has ever seen! How are you doing? You’ll be closing down REBELLiON and we hope you’re psyched to go absolutely mental! We were wondering if we could ask some questions to prepare us for the devastation you’re going to deliver at REBELLiON!

Obviously, you both have your own unique styles. What do you think makes Deadly Guns and Dimitri K a good combo?

We showed with our latest collab that our styles perfectly blend together. Our music strive for the ultimate party experience!

Your style is kicking it up a notch compared to the RAW Hardstyle played before you. How do you prepare a liveset of this magnitude?

It’s all about the preparation! We had a few studio sessions to prepare for this insanity. We also made some exclusive edits and a special surprise! Which we will reveal in a couple of days!

How hard are you planning to close down REBELLiON? Will people survive your set?

They can expect the hardest closing of Rebellion ever. We’re about to destroy the mainstage!

You recently released a track together called ‘Drunk At The Rave’. What was the last time you were actually drunk at a rave and what happened back then?

Deadly Guns: I regularly visit metal festivals besides my bookings. Having fun with friends combined with music is important to blow of some steam. Mosh pits & booze is high on my priority list at those moments.

Dimitri K: I was in Croatia, Forbidden Island and had a good time. Having a party week on an island with my BKJN colleagues always brings trouble lol. After a lot of cocktails I was literally drunk at the rave..

If you could add one more artist to your versus set, who would you add and why?

Deadly Guns: Elite Enemy would be the ultimate PartyRocker addition. He doesn’t need an explanation, right?!

Dimitri K: I think a nice add to our versus would be Major Conspiracy or The Dark Horror. These guys know how to bring a party!

Let’s talk about a different kind of versus matchup. Who would win in a versus between you two in a boxing ring?

Good question! Dimitri K has the fresh pace but Deadly Guns the power of truth. It would be a good one to watch. Should we make it happen?!

Imagine you would team up as an act after this. How would you call yourselves going forward?

Total Destruction says enough!

Thank you so much for your time. We’ll round up the cleanup crew for when REBELLiON ends. Seems like we’re going to need it… But we’re hyped to see you tearing the place down at REBELLiON!