Interview: Adjuzt vs. Element op REBELLiON 2022!

Element and Adjuzt, the current rising stars! Are you excited to play at REBELLiON? We sure are! But for now, let’s focus on something else. We were wondering about some things, so we hope it’s alright to ask you a few things?


Last year you both saw immense growth. How does it feel to rise in popularity at this rate?🚀

Element: It’s honestly an amazing thing to see. Especially after the lockdown(s) and the entire Covid peak(s), it was just impossible to say what your growth as an artist will be and how the situation will develop once you come back to doing live gigs. But for me that was a crucial time to keep on pushing with music/new releases. So to see that effort combined with the sick shows I did this year resulting in an increase in hype and popularity is huge and I’m really thankful for that. The love and support has been amazing.

Adjuzt: I’m incredibly proud that what I’ve been doing lately really catches everyone’s attention. From big artists to thousands of new fans, lots of people seem to enjoy the music I make and it’s a feeling I honestly can’t describe. Because everything came to me in such a short amount of time it was sometimes a bit hard to divide all the attention, but now that I’m used to this it feels incredible and I can’t thank everyone enough for the opportunities!

Everyone has someone they look up to. Who are your biggest inspirations on the road to fame?

Element: Sadly he is not with us anymore, but music wise my biggest inspiration is, and will always be, Delete. His signature sound, the drive in his tracks, his unique sound design, the impact his sound had on the scene, just so incredibly next level.

He was the reason I got into being a Raw-Hardstyle artist and to this day I haven’t had a bigger inspiration when it comes to artists. Of Course other guys are totally smashing it as well, I also dig a lot of Rooler’s stuff and he’s been an inspiration to me earlier on as well, but that being said: Delete is unmatched in my opinion.

Adjuzt: Without a doubt in my mind also Delete and I think people kind of notice that as well. What he’s been able to produce is nothing short of legendary and it has definitely influenced my productions. Other artists that I have to mention are Rebelion, The Purge, Demi Kanon and Atmozfears. As you might notice, my taste differs very much, but I think that’s why my music itself tends to have a bit of everything.

Think about each other for a while. What is something you admire in each other? 🤷

Element: Without a doubt the insane amount of growth Maikel’s had in the past few years. To achieve that in such a short amount of time is impressive as f*ck haha. I remember seeing his name and checking out some of his stuff a couple of years ago, and to hear and see where is now? Yeah that deserves respect, 100%.

Adjuzt: What I admire in Element is his stage presence and musical funkyness. If you dance along and move a lot during your set, you will pass on your energy to the audience as well and that’s something I like a lot. His music also never fails to make me move, it’s so catchy and funky.

What kind of music do you two listen to outside of hardstyle? Does it inspire you in your own music?

Element: That’s actually a funny question because I’m always amazed by how many Hardstyle artists are always saying: “Yeah I don’t listen to Hardstyle in my spare time to be honest”. I mean I totally get that because I’m basically one of them haha, but that being said I still really love the classics, Raw classics, old gated stuff, and the euphoric tunes when the sun’s out.

My main genres that I listen to tho are 80’s, Metal/Deathcore, Hardcore Beatdown, Blues/Jazz, so that’s a pretty broad spectrum depending on my mood. Some of those tracks have definitely given me inspiration for my own music, for sure. Especially with tracks from the 80’s I often hear a Hardstyle version in my head when listening to the actual track in my car haha. Passion for what I do? Or just schizophrenic? You be the judge…

Adjuzt: It might be a bit weird, but my most listened genre outside of Hardstyle is 50s and 60s big band music. Artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. etc! Who would’ve thought haha. I of course do listen to electronic genres as well, preferably Neurofunk and Jump Up DnB. You can hear these genres come back in my music very well.

I think I can speak for everyone if I say we’re curious about your future. Do you have any collabs planned regarding new tracks in the future?
Element: I actually have one planned at the moment, and if I’m not mistaken… Adjuzt has one too, right?

Adjuzt: Haha, I do actually. There are some things planned and I just might be able to show you something new at REBELLiON.

Element: Doing solo’s definitely has my preference, but with some collabs you just KNOW it will work. And I know for a fact people are really hoping for this one to happen, so yeah I’m looking forward to work on this and hear what the final result will be. I expect nothing short of carnage if I’m honest haha.

As this is the first time you’ll be working together, how will you Adjuzt yourself to each other’s style?

Element: I think that’s the beauty of both our styles: they go really really well together. (Or at least in my mind it really makes sense, of course our B2B will show if that’s the case.) But yeah, so far I’m convinced both of us can fully do our thing and we won’t have to do a lot of adjusting because I feel our sounds will be an epic match on stage.

Adjuzt: Haha, nice pun! I think our sounds compliment each other already. I’ve played a few of Element’s tracks in my sets before and they always fit really well. This, but a whole 60 minutes?! This is going to be madness!

Last one… Do you have something planned to shock the crowd? What is going to be your Element of Surprise?

Element: Well if I’d spoil that up front, that’d just ruin the surprise haha.. But yeah of course there are still fresh/unreleased tracks, and I’m obviously working hard to have my new collab ready for REBELLiON and to premier it there. Besides that the entire set is just gonna be rude AF. You honestly just need to be there because the first time Adjuzt vs Element is gonna be special, guaranteed.

Adjuzt: Haha, the people will just have to see for themselves at our set. Of Course both of us are working hard behind the screens, and chances are we’ll be able to showcase a tasty snippet of that during REBELLiON.Eitherway I’m really hyped and this is gonna be something else, can’t wait

Thanks for your time guys! We’re sure that you’re going to put up something special in our REBORN RAW Area at REBELLiON. Maybe in the meantime you could go work on something special, huh? 😋 Let’s see what Adjuzt and Element is all about! 🔥