• I lost something at REBELLiON, what now?

    If you notice that you have lost something during REBELLiON, please report to the most right coin desk. If after your visit you find that you have lost something, please email info@jointherebellion.nl. All lost items will be taken to the municipality of Oisterwijk on Wednesday, please contact the municipality of Oisterwijk from then on.

  • What are the payment methods for REBELLiON?

    During the festival, food and drinks can only be purchased with festival coins. It’s not possible to buy food and drinks with cash. On the festival site there are several coin desks, where you can buy festival coins with cash or with a debit card (Maestro/ Mastercard/ VISA/ Credit Card).

  • Is there a first aid post at REBELLiON?

    Yes, there is a first aid post on the festival site. There are also medical professionals walking around on the festival site. Not feeling well? Then go to the first aid post, they will help you further. If you suspect that someone has used too much drugs/alcohol, please consult someone from the security, first aid or organization.

  • Contact

    Is there anything unclear or do you have any other questions? Please contact us via info@jointherebellion.nl or via Facebook Messenger.


  • When will I receive my tickets?

    You have not yet received tickets for REBELLiON in your mailbox. You will receive these tickets on Saturday 12 November (one week before the event), if they have been personalised at that moment. If you have not personalised your tickets, they will not be sent.

  • I cannot find my tickets for REBELLiON?

    You have not yet received tickets for REBELLiON in your mailbox. You will receive these tickets on Saturday 12 November (one week before the event), if they have been personalised at that moment. If you have not personalised your tickets, they will not be sent.

  • How do I personalise my tickets?

    From 16 May 2022, it will again be possible to personalise your tickets. There are two ways to do this:

    I still have the confirmation e-mail for my tickets:
    Go to the confirmation email you received in your mailbox from Paylogic, after purchasing your ticket. At the bottom of the email is the button: ‚Order Status‘, click on it to go to your Order Status page. Then click ‚Personalize‘ and follow the steps from here.

    I have lost my confirmation e-mail:
    Go to this website of Paylogic and fill in the email address with which you purchased the tickets. You will then receive an email from Paylogic (check your SPAM) with all your tickets purchased via Paylogic at this email address. Press here on the order number for ‚REBELLiON‘, this will take you to your Order Status page. Click on ‚Personalize‘ and follow the steps from here.

    If you have made a deposit and then paid the remaining amount, there will be two orders. One of these is your deposit and one of these is your remaining amount. You need to personalise the tickets with a value of €35, these are the tickets you will receive.


  • I want to change the name of my ticket, what do I do now?

    Have you already personalised your tickets and now there is a ticket with the wrong name? Then it is possible to change the name on a ticket using the Name Change option on your Order Status page. To do so, use the explanation for personalisation, click on ‚Change name‘ and follow the steps from there. This costs € 3, – transfer fee and is possible until Saturday, November 19, 21.00 hours.

  • Can't visit REBELLiON in 2022?

    That is a shame! It is not possible to request a refund at this time. From Saturday, November 12, as soon as your tickets are sent out, it will be possible to sell your tickets securely via TicketSwap. Never buy/sell your tickets through any other platform than TicketSwap.

  • Do your friends not have tickets yet?

    Do any of your friends not have a ticket for REBELLiON 2022 yet? Then they can pre-register on our website and get early access to the ticket shop when the last tickets for REBELLiON go on sale!


  • What do you get as a VIP?

    Advantages of the VIP ticket:

    • Separate VIP entrance
    • Exclusive VIP wristband
    • Welcome drink at the VIP-deck
    • VIP deck at the main stage
    • Separate toilets
  • I already have tickets for REBELLiON but would like to get VIP tickets, what do I do now?

    It is possible to upgrade your entire order to VIP tickets, this is only possible as long as the VIP tickets are on sale. Follow the explanation below.

    How do you upgrade your tickets?

    1) Go to the special VIP upgrade ticketshop;

    2) Use your order number as access code;

    3) Buy your VIP upgrade in this ticketshop;

    4) Once your order is paid you will receive a confirmation email;

    5) Personalise the tickets;

    6) You will receive your VIP tickets on Saturday 12 November.

    Please note: it is only possible to upgrade all tickets in your order. Upgrading a single ticket from an order is not possible. Your old order will be cancelled after a successful upgrade.


  • Can I bring my photo and/or video camera?

    It is not allowed to bring (semi) professional photo/video equipment to the festival site, unless otherwise agreed with the organization via media@rebirth-festival.nl. For the rules regarding photo/video equipment, we would like to refer you to the general terms and conditions. In addition, the REBELLiON media team will record the entire festival through photos and videos. These will be put online during and after the festival.

  • Can I bring my medication to REBELLiON?

    As a visitor, you may only bring medication if the following conditions are met: Medications are in the original and sealed packaging and include the original leaflet. The visitor can prove, by means of a doctor’s certificate, why these medicines are being used.

  • What goods may I not bring to REBELLiON?

    The items listed below are a list of items that are not allowed. This is a representation of an exhaustive list to which the organization has the right to add items that they deem necessary to ensure safety on the site / event.

    1: No provocative clothing and flags or clothing of soccer clubs or similar.

    2: Professional photographic, film and other recording equipment and selfie sticks.

    3: Narcotics (drugs)

    4: Pets

    5: Liquids such as (aerosolized) deodorant, lighter gas and perfume

    6: Glassware, sharp objects, umbrellas, (fire)weapons, laser pens

    7: Food and drink